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Celestron’s quality procedures and state-of-the-art technology exceeds the current industry standards.


Celestron Technologies specializes in electro-mechanical assemblies and mechatronic devices. The scope of the expertise in engineering manufacturing, includes:


  • Wiring harnesses

  • Cable and conduit assemblies

  • Adapter and connector assemblies

  • Panel and switch assemblies

  • Box and enclosure assemblies

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

  • Air supply regulators

  • Resistor assemblies

  • Circuit card assemblies

  • Printed circuit board layouts

  • Electrical test sets


Celestron has redesigned existing electronic systems and implemented concepts and ideas from required statements of work. As part of the design process, reverse engineering and life extension solutions have been used to maximize efficiency for existing electronic and electro-mechanical systems.


Celestron Technologies has experience with custom electronic design, rapid prototyping, and fabrication for low volume productions. In addition to manufacturing, Celestron has procurement services assisting in the design process.

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